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An Important letter From Bishop Sharma Lewis

Supplies Needed For Hurricane Harvey Victims


One flood bucket consists of:
Liquid Laundry Detergent, 50oz or 25oz bottles only; 12-16oz Liquid household cleaner that can be mixed with water (no spray cleaners); 16-28oz dish soap; Aerosol or pump air freshener; 6-14oz Insect repellent spray aerosol or spray pump with protective cover; 1 plastic or wooden handle scrub brush; 18 Handi Wipes or reusable wipes removed from packaging (no terry towels); 7 sponges removed from packaging (no cellulose sponges due to mold issues.); 5 scouring pads, removed from packaging (No stainless steel, Brillo pads or SOS pads and nothing with soap built in); 50 clothespins; one 100 ft or 2 50ft cotton or plastic clothesline; 24 heavy duty trash bags removed from the box (33 to 45 gallon size); 5 dust masks; 2 pair of durable kitchen dishwashing gloves removed from packaging; 1 pair of work gloves either cotton with leather palm or all leather.


Or, bring a check payable to Peakland United Methodist Church and mark the memo line with “UMCOR Harvey.” 100% of this offering goes to people in need because administrative costs are born elsewhere in our denominational budget.

Witness and Invitation from the Southeastern Jurisdiction College of Bishops meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, August 17, 2017



"The things, good Lord, that we pray for, give us grace to labor for." - Thomas More, UMH, 408

Serving with you in the Southeastern Jurisdiction, we grieve the violence in Charlottesville. We renew our baptismal covenant to trust and serve Christ, to resist evil, and to honor all in the human family.

We share with you our resolve to name, resist and dismantle racism in our churches, in our communities and in the world. As Paul writes in Ephesians 2:14, we pray that the dividing walls of hostility come down so that in every place Christ becomes our peace. 

At the 2016 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference, a mission initiative for our region was embraced. That plan identified anti-racism as an essential focus of our shared mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Each of us is working with clergy and laity to build anti-racist commitment in our episcopal areas.

We would like to communicate with you the strategic anti-racist work across the jurisdiction. We will share with you the stories of the work of one of our Annual Conferences each month for the next year. Our desire is not simply to pray but to also demonstrate the work the United Methodist Church is doing to confront racism. It is our prayer that this sharing will increase courage and strengthen community in every place in the Southeastern Jurisdiction.

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