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Job Opportunities with Peakland

Want to work for Peakland? This page contains current job opportunities available with Peakland.

If you have any questions, please email the office.
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Position: Director of Senior Adult Ministries (primary focus on visitation)
Reports To: Senior Pastor
Status: Part-time (six hours per week on average)
Position begins: January 1, 2024

General Description:
     The Director of Senior Adult Ministries will help implement comprehensive ministries with senior adults and homebound needing pastoral care. Primary focus will be to provide regular visitation to members of the congregation and constituents who are unable to participate in worship or in the life of the congregation, generally due to health concerns or physical limitations.

Peakland UMC Prime Timers and Visitation Team:

   The Director of Senior Adult Ministries will work closely with the visitation team in maintaining a roster of those unable to participate actively in the life of the church.
    He/she will also assist with equipping lay members for their role in pastoral care; especially when serving Holy Communion.

Primary Duties:

• Visit and/ or make regular “contact” with congregants who are considered “homebound” and are unable to participate in church activities. “Contact” can be defined as a face-to-face visit, phone call or written correspondence. Note: Personal visits should be the primary means of contact when possible.
• Provide Holy Communion to those who desire or are able to receive.
• Provide pastoral care or hospital visitation to congregants, on an emergency basis, when the Pastor is unavailable or when requested.

• Report to Pastor on visits made and provide updates to the conditions of those visited.
• Communicate with the church office and the Visitation Team with names of those who would like to be included on the church prayer list or homebound roster.
• Work closely with the Administrative Assistant and other staff as needed.
• Communicate with the Finance Director as needed; especially concerning budgeted expenses or reimbursements.
• Maintain professionalism and appropriate clergy ethics at all times.
• Maintain confidentiality and comply with HIPAA privacy rules and regulations.

Church Attendance and meetings:

• As schedule permits, attend worship services at least once per month and other church meetings as requested.
• Attend the Visitation Team Meeting and maintain regular contact with the Team Leader.
• Participate in the monthly lunch gathering at Westminster Canterbury when possible.

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