Church Leadership



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Peakland United Methodist Church
Ministry Teams 2020

(* Denotes Chairperson/Team Leader)

            “The local church shall be organized so that it can pursue its primary task and mission in the context of its own community – reaching out and receiving with joy all who will respond; encouraging people in their relationship with God and inviting them to commitment to God’s love in Jesus Christ; providing opportunities for them to see strengthening and growth in spiritual formation; and supporting them to live lovingly and justly in the power of the Holy Spirit as faithful disciples.”

                                                                        The Book of Discipline (BOD) 2016, ¶243

Common Table

            “The Common Table shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church. It shall also provide for the administration of its organization and temporal life. It shall envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church. The Common Table shall be amenable to and function as the administrative agency of the Charge Conference.”                                                                     BOD 2016, ¶252

            “(A Lay Leader) shall function as the primary lay representative of the laity (by) fostering awareness of the role of the laity, meeting regularly with the pastor, (serving on the various ministry teams of the church), involvement in study and training opportunities, assisting in advising the Common Table of the needs for effective ministry in the church, and, informing the laity of training opportunities.”                                                                                          BOD 2016, ¶251.a.b.c.d.e.f

Chairperson:     Don Wechsler (2)

Recording Secretary:     Kim Ness (Staff)

Lay Leaders: Fran Inge (1), Paul Thompson (1)

Lay Member, Annual Conference: Sharyn Marks (3) (Alternate:  Fran Inge (1)

President, Trustees:      Kevin Uhl (1)

Chair, Worship Table:    Jan Hickey (4)   

Chair, Discipleship Table: Associate Minister, Convener

Chair, Mission Table: Jan McKee (4) 

Chair, Community Outreach Table: Director of Outreach, Convener

Chair, Nurture Table: BJ McGraw (1)


Chair, Staff-Parish Relations Committee:  Connie Coleman (4)

Chair, Finance Committee:         Buck Sydnor (1)

Treasurer:         Harriett Darst (1)

Chair, Lay Leadership Committee: Pastor John Vest

Stephen Ministry Leader:  Paul Thompson  

Chair or Rep, Pre-School Board: MJ Pearson (Co-chair: Linda Williams)

Representative, Youth/YA Ministry:  Randall Carter

At-Large (Minimum of 3): Hill McDaniel (3), Ken Mayo (3), JoAnn Chrysanthus (2), Rod Lorence (2)   Irene Devine (1),   Barbara Lyne (1), Mike Ohl (1)                                   

Pastor: John Vest; Associate Minister:  Andrew LaBar-Dietz

Program/Administrative Staff (Ex-officio): Linwood Campbell, Annie Williams, Cindy Harding, Kim Ness


Lay Leadership (Nominations)

            “The charge of this committee is to identify, develop, deploy, evaluate, and monitor Christian spiritual leadership for the local congregation.”                                                      BOD 2016, ¶258.1

            Pastor: John Vest*; Associate Minister: Andrew LaBar-Dietz

              2020                                       2021                                         2022

              Gail Pond (2)                         Diane Wilson (1)                   John Buckley (1)

                                                                                                                 Pam Jones (1)



Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee

            “The committee shall reflect biblically and theologically on the role and work of the Pastor(s) and staff as they carry out their leadership responsibilities. The committee shall assist the pastor(s) and staff in assessing their gifts, maintaining health holistically and work-life balance, and setting priorities for leadership and service. The SPRC shall meet at least quarterly, in closed session, and (maintain strict confidentiality).” Duties include, “To encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor and staff and their families; to promote unity in the church; to confer and counsel on matters pertaining to effectiveness in ministry; to provide evaluation at least annually; to communicate and interpret to the congregation the nature and function of ministry in the United Methodist Church; to develop and approve job descriptions and titles for all but the Senior Pastor; to consult concerning continuing education, to enlist, interview, evaluate, and recommend lay preachers and ordained ministry candidates; (to serve as the personnel committee in the absence of a committee); to educate the congregation on the value of diversity; to consult on matters of pulpit supply.” BOD 2016, ¶258.2

2020                                         2021                                                     2022

Gene Wolanski (2)                 *Connie Coleman (4)                        Shirlee Raines (1)

Irene Devine (2)                      Amy McAvoy (2)                              Karen Lorence (1)

Linda Napior (3)                     Ken Mayo (2)                                    Bridget Spencer (1)

One (1) Lay Member of Annual Conference: Sharyn Marks

One (1) Lay Leader:  Paul Thompson



Board of Trustees

            “Subject to the direction of the charge conference, the board of trustees shall have the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the local church and of all property and equipment acquired directly by the local church or by any society, board, class, commission, or similar organization connected therewith… (the board) shall not interfere with the pastor in the use of any of the said property for religious services or other proper meetings recognized by law or customs of the United Methodist Church, or permit the use of said property for religious or other meetings without the consent of the pastor…(the board) shall conduct annual reviews of the property and insurance… subject to the direction of the charge conference, the board shall receive and administer all bequests, all trusts, and invest all trust funds (unless the charge conference delates that responsibility to a permanent endowment committee)… (and) conduct an annual accessibility audit.”         BOD 2016, ¶2533.

Chairperson: Kevin Uhl
Vice Chair: Don Roy
Secretary: To be elected by trustees

2020                                         2021                                         2022

Cathie Joseph (3)                    Hill McDaniel (2)                  * Kevin Uhl (1)

Terry Wilson (3)                     Don Roy (1)                            Claudia Mann (1)                     

Ed Frisa (3)                              Marty Smith (2)                    Will McChesney (1)

Related to the Board of Trustees:

                        Memorial and Honorary Gifts Chair:       Gail Pond (2)

                        Columbarium Chair:                                   Elizabeth Austin (10)

                        Grounds Coordinator:                                 Mike Ohl (6)

                        Kitchen Coordinator:                                  Claudia Mann, Duke Mann (7)

                        Landscaping Coordinator:                         Cathie Joseph (2)

                        Safety Shepherd:                                         Dick Potekhen (1.5)

HVAC Coordinator: Rich Judy
Handyman: John Buckley

Kitchen Renovation Task Force: Elizabeth Austin, Chairperson
                                                         Claudia Mann
                                                         Ed Frisa (Member and Trustee Rep)
                                                         Katie Stanley (New member, works for architecture firm as assistant) 
                                                         John Buckley (UMMen and Trustee Rep.)
                                                         Rob Pearson (with consultation to include MJ and Dylan)
                                                         Ellen Geisert
                                                         Barbara Lyne
                                                         (Annie Williams - in consultation regarding the needs of the Preschool)
                                                         Staff: Business Manager


Finance Committee

            “The committee on finance shall give stewardship of financial resources as their priority throughout the year. Responsibilities include to plan, strategize, and implement ways to generate more resources for mission and ministries of local churches and beyond…. It is strongly recommended that the committee on finance, in collaboration with the common table, find creative ways to turn their congregations into tithing congregations…. The committee shall compile an annual budget and submit it to the common table for review and adoption…. It shall administer funds received according to instructions from the common table. The committee shall carry out the common table’s directions in guiding the treasurer(s) and financial secretary.”                               BOD 2016, ¶258.4

2020                                         2021                                         2022

Julie Gerhardt (4)                  *Buck Sydnor (4)                   Beth Coleman (9)                     
Sandra McDaniel (4)             Stewart Husted (3)               Tom Manley (1)
                                                                                                     Bryant Haskins (1)


            One (1) Lay Member of Annual Conference: Sharyn Marks

            Chair, Common Table:  Don Wechsler (2)

            President, Trustees: Kevin Uhl (1)

            Chair, SPRC: Connie Coleman (4)

            Chair, Permanent Endowment: John Hall (1)

            Chair Stewardship TF: TBD   

            Treasurer: Harriett Darst (1)

            Chair, Preschool Board: MJ Pearson (Co-chair: Linda Williams)

            Staff (Ex-officio): Cindy Harding

Related to the Finance Committee:

            Assistant Treasurers: Linda Napior (1), Rod Lorence (1)



Permanent Endowment Committee

      “The purposes of the committee include the responsibilities to: subject to the direction of the charge conference, receive, administer, and invest (assigned) bequests; emphasize the need for all adults to have a will and an estate plan; stress the opportunities to make provisions for giving through UM churches, institutions, etc.; arrange for the dissemination of information that will be helpful in preretirement planning.”                                        BOD 2016, ¶2534.

Chair: John Hall (1), Treasurer: Harriett Darst; Assist. Treas: Rod Lorence (1), Finance Chair: Buck Sydnor; Staff Rep.: Cindy Harding.



Discipleship Table

            “In each local church there shall be a variety of small-group ministries, including the church school, for supporting the formation of Christian disciples focused on the transformation of the world. These small groups may concentrate on teaching and learning, fellowship, support, community ministries, and accountability. Members of small groups will build their knowledge of the Bible, the Christian faith, The United Methodist Church, and the societal context in which the church finds itself.”                                                                                                                BOD 2016, ¶256.1

            Convener: Associate Minister; Kim Geier (Children’s Ministry), Susan Zlomke (12) (Library/Historian);  BJ Thomas (Children’s Library), Martha Jones (10) (Nursery); John Buckley (UMM, Adult Sunday School); Diane Wilson (Women’s Fellowships); Randall Carter Youth/Young Adult ; Julie Gerhardt, At-Large, Sandy Wolanski, At-Large

Related to Discipleship Table:

Children’s Ministry Team:

            “Children’s ministries – for, with, and by children – include all ministries involving children within the life of the congregational community, including but not limited to Sunday school, vacation Bible school, nursery ministries, children’s worship experiences, mission education experiences, intergenerational activities, and all weekday programs for children of all ages.”      BOD 2016, ¶256.2

Kim Geier (3)* (Chair), Anne Cooper, Kim Geier (VBS)




Safe Sanctuaries Task Force:

            Children are “acknowledged to be full human beings in their own right, but beings to whom adults and society in general have special obligations…. In particular, children must be protected from economic, physical, emotional, and sexual exploitation and abuse.” Under the direction of the Common Table, this task force evaluates the church’s Child Protection Policy annually, and assures its implementation.
Debbie Bowman, Kim Patsell, Sarah Gray, Duane Souers, Preschool Board Rep: Linda Williams, Andrew LaBar-Dietz (Minister of Discipleship)

Nurture Table

            “The nurturing ministries of the congregation shall give attention to . . . . Christian formation, membership care. Attention must be given to the needs of individuals and families of all ages.” This includes fellowship opportunities, promoting prayer and mobilizing the church to pray, nurturing and assimilating visitors to become new members.                                             BOD 2016, ¶252.2

            Table Leader: BJ McGraw (1); Elizabeth Austin (13) (Funeral receptions); Gail Johnson (3) (New Member Assimilation); B.J. McGraw (4) (Member Care); BJ McGraw (3) & Linda Napior (3) (New Member Dinners); Helen Andrews (Prayer Quilts); Barbara Roberts (17) (Homebound/Prime Timers); Kim Geier (3) Children’s Ministry Coordinator



Mission Table

“We make disciples as we send persons into the world to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, caring for the stranger, freeing the oppressed, being and becoming a compassionate, caring presence, and working to develop social structures that are consistent with the gospel.” BOD 2016, ¶122. This committee oversees the mission and service projects the church engages in locally, nationally, and globally.
Chair: Jan McKee * (2), Lloyd Bryant, Randall Carter (Youth/Young Adult) Pastor, At-Large; Fran Inge (1), At-Large, Gail Johnson, At-Large, George Dawson (1), Staff: Andrew LaBar-Dietz

Mission Coordinators

                        REFP/Bloodmobile Coordinator:            MJ Pearson

                        Churches for Urban Ministries:              Lloyd Bryant

                        Fort Hill Community School:                  Susan Cox

                        Backpacks for Kids’ Sake:                         Janeen Smith

                        Meals on Wheels/Park View:                   Debbie Rosenberger

                        Interfaith Outreach Association:            Jan McKee

                        Missionary Covenant:                               MJ Pearson and Charlotte Souers



Community Outreach Table

“We make disciples as we continue the mission of seeking, welcoming and gathering persons into the community of the body of Christ.” BOD 2016, ¶122. This committee also oversees the marketing and public relations of the church, spreading the word about Peakland.

Convener: Director of Outreach; Jeff Gray (3); Annie Williams, Ellen Geisert, Staff: Linwood Campbell



Worship Table

            The worship table focuses on short and long range planning of worship and on developing the congregation as an active, vital worshiping community.

            Table Leader: Jan Hickey (4); Scot Wilson  (IT, AV); Emily Kelly (Acolytes/Crucifiers);  Jan Hickey (Readers for Horizons); (Horizons Communion Steward) Pat Thompson (9) (At-large); Jan Hickey (Flowers); Gail Pond & Debbie Rosenberger (Funeral Liaisons); Lloyd Bryant (Liturgists – Trad.); Karen Lorence (Greeters); Rod Lorence (1) (Ushers); Betsy Rupert  (Weddings); Jan Hickey (2) (Lent Coordinator); Claudia Mann (2) (Easter Hospitality); Lloyd Bryant (2) (Communion Coordinator); Harriett Darst, Daneen Garcia  (Advent Coordinator), Barbara Roberts (at-large); Staff:  Linwood Campbell, Andrew LaBar-Dietz


Related to Worship Table:

            Altar Guild:       Peggy Nolley

            Flower Guild:     Jan Hickey (Coordinator)

            Funerals:            Gail Pond, Debbie Rosenberger, Vernelle Lytton

            Weddings:          Betsy Rupert

Communion Stewards:  Lloyd Bryant (8:30), Pat Thompson (Horizons), Lloyd Bryant (11:00)




Peakland Preschool Board

            “The purpose of Peakland United Methodist Preschool is to provide a program for the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of preschoolers, respecting each one’s individuality, all within an atmosphere of Christian love and concern. The school is a part of the non-profit, educational ministry of Peakland United Methodist Church and is offered as a service to the community. The school is open to all children regardless of race, nationality, creed, or gender.”

                                                                                                            Mission Statement


2020/21                                   2021/22                                 2022/2023

John Hall (Finance)              Rhonda Sydnor                  Kim Geier

                                                Ginna Petrikonis                Michelle Uhl

Nancy O’Brien                      MJ Pearson*                        Pam Jones

Kelly Camarda                      Gretchen Morgan              Joe Crosby



Director:                            Annie Williams

Assistant Director:          

Pastor/Assoc.:                  John Vest/Andrew LaBar-Dietz

Financial Secretary:       Carolyn Kobek