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Providing Meals to Residents of Magnolia Street Supportive Housing
• Link for more information regarding the program

Location: 409 Magnolia St, Lynchburg, VA 24503
Office: Lower level, Hours 9:00am – 4:00pm

Peakland contact: 
BJ McGraw, call or text 434-258-2581; email:

MH points of contact if delivery issue arises: Leah Wiebe 434-847-1101 


• Frequency: Third Monday, every other month: Jan 15, 2024, Mar 18, 2024 and May 15, 2024
(will increase to monthly if volunteer support exists)


• Needed:  2 to 4 volunteers to sign up to coordinate with one another for planning and
providing a meal for 12-15 adults on the designated date.
(Please drop the meal off by 4:00 pm or anytime during office hours with reheating
instructions included as needed. ) 

Sign up link.

Things to consider:

  • No known food allergies;

  • All containers must be disposable (i.e., no crockpots or casserole dishes)

  • No need to include beverages, serving utensils or plates unless you want to help with clean-up by providing disposable plates.

  • There are 12 residents and there may be a guest, or a staff person occasionally included --- plus they enjoy leftovers!  

  • If you have a menu planned a week in advance, email the information to BJ and she'll let MH know. They post a flyer so the residents will know and can look forward to it!

Reminder: This is drop off only so please package accordingly
so the residents can reheat, self-serve and easily cleanup.


Sign-up information – as soon as it’s recognized that a date has plenty of volunteers it will be removed from the sign-up form. If we are blessed to have many volunteers they will be selected in order of time they signed up. 

You will receive an email, not automated – letting you know you’re among the first to sign-up.  Once we have a full roster or if it’s getting too close to the date BJ will email the group with one another’s contact information.

If you already have a confirmed group that would like to work together please indicate that in the Additional Comments section.

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