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Employment Opportunity

Ministry Description

Associate Minister of Discipleship - Deacon Peakland United Methodist Church 

(Revised April 27, 2017) (March, 2020)

Position Summary

The Associate Minister fulfills the role of the Deacon within the life of Peakland Church and is responsible specifically for ministries of Christian Education, Small Groups, Youth, Young Adults and Children.

Acknowledging that this position is appointed by the Bishop, PUMC expects the Associate Minister and all other employees:

     To show a commitment to PUMC’s ministry and mission and to adhere to all the policies adopted by the Church
     To have a willingness to work together to accomplish the goals of the Church
     To interact with church members and visitors in a friendly and professional manner

     To perform assigned tasks in an efficient manner
     To be punctual
     To demonstrate a considerate, friendly and constructive attitude toward fellow employees and members of the congregation


     Must have the minimum credential of a Provisional Deacon in the Virginia Conference or be working toward that goal within a reasonable timeframe as an accredited candidate for ministry.

     Must have effective knowledge of contemporary trends in Christian Education, Youth Ministry,

     Mission and Service, Early Childhood Education.

     Must possess a commitment to work in an associate minister role

     Ministry Responsibilities

     In consultation with the Lead Pastor, recruit, train, and implement the ministries of Christian Education throughout the life of the church.

     Recruit, train, and implement a 12-month youth ministry program

     Recruit, train, and coordinate an active small group ministry

     Share in worship leadership with the Lead Pastor at most Sunday morning and special worship services. This will include preaching every 4-6 weeks. At the discretion of the Lead pastor, the Associate Minister occasionally will have sole responsibility for the worship service

     To work with the Lead Pastor in the usual “pastoral” responsibilities of visitation and community involvement which are in line with the role of the Deacon

     Assist the leadership of the Horizons Service
     Assist in the leadership and planning of other worship services (Holy Week, Advent, Election 
Night Communion, Response to local/national tragedies)

     Provide primary leadership for the Preschool Chapel Services Other duties as assigned in conversation with the Lead Pastor


Key Relationships and Contacts

     The Associate Minister is supervised by the Lead Pastor.
     This position will supervise the Youth Ministry Assistant when present

     This position will supervise the Nursery Staff

     A member from the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee will serve as a liaison for the purpose of discussing issues or concerns involved with the position.



     Appointed by Bishop
     When not appointed by the Bishop; Full-time/Exempt.


Time and Term Commitment

     Full-time adhering to the Standards for Ministry set by the Virginia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and interpreted by the Lead Pastor and/or the District Superintendent


Vacation (advance notice required)

     Set by the Virginia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and interpreted by the Lead Pastor and/or the District Superintendent

If not appointed by the Bishop:

Vacation (advance notice required)

  • After six (6) months....... One work week

  • After one (1) year.......... Two work weeks

  • After five (5) years......... Three work weeks

  • After ten (10) years......... Four work weeks

    A work week is interpreted as one Sunday plus the usual expectations of the next 6 days.


The position shall receive at least the minimum benefits established by the Virginia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and the current Book of Discipline


Leave (Illness, Maternity/Paternity, Renewal, etc.)

  • The position shall receive at least the minimum leave established by the Virginia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and the current Book of Discipline

  • When not appointed by the Bishop the position will receive the same leave as other non-clergy personnel.


    Minimum of annual evaluation by Lead Pastor with input from the S/PPRC.

    Continuing Ministry Development

    The Associate Minister should be committed to self-improvement and responsible for professional development that will enhance ministry performance and will receive the same monetary support for continuing education as the Lead Pastor.

    Mission Statement of Peakland United Methodist Church

    At Peakland, we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world as a welcoming community of grace, worship, service and hope.

    I have read and received a copy of my ministry description. I understand this overrides anything I have been given or told in the past. I further understand that I am expected to perform my job as outlined above, and if I have any questions concerning what is expected of me, I will speak with my immediate supervisor.

I further agree not to disclose any confidential information (oral, written, or electronic) that becomes available to me by virtue of my employment at PUMC.

Employee Signature: ___________________________________ Date_____________________

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