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Peakland Cafe and Conference Resources

Below are the resources for you that were mentioned during Peakland Cafe April 24, 2022

Stay UMC is a group of traditional, moderate, and progressive United Methodists who are seeking to help people understand the differences between what the UMC strives to be, and what the Global Methodist Church claims to be.


The Christmas Covenant is legislation drafted by international members of the UMC seeking to help restructure the UMC in a way that will provide greater contextual ministry and abandon structures that are grounded in colonialism and America’s segregation policies from the 20th century.


UMC Next is an organization of moderate and progressive leaders in the UMC who are the primary authors of the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation (expected to pass in 2024), which seeks to stripp the Book of Discipline of the exclusionary and oppressive language concerning the LGBTQIA+ community.


The Council of Bishops is the group of all bishops within the UMC. They share current news, and requests for clarification around what can and cannot happen in the UMC here.


The Virginia Conference of the UMC is our primary hub, uniting almost all UMC churches in the state of Virginia.


Reconciling Ministries Network is a group that seeks to promote and support LGBTQIA+ people within our denomination. While the Book of Discipline currently condemns the practice of same sex relations that does not mean there are not members of the church who are LGBTQIA+. This groups seeks to help churches support LGBTQIA+ peoples, and help create dialogue around inclusion.

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