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Ministry of the Deacon

A United Methodist deacon is a truly unique calling in today’s world. Unlike Pastor Joe, I am not called to lead a local church. As United Methodist’s, we believe that elders, like Pastor Joe, are called to Word, Service, Order and Sacrament; meaning they are called to lead the gathering of a Christian community like a shepherd. Walking alongside the community helping to guide them in Christian life. A deacon on the other hand is called to Word, Service, Compassion, and Justice. We often describe deacons as being a “bridge between the Church and the world”. United Methodists are one of the only denominations where elders and deacons are seen as equal partners. While Pastor Joe helps to gather the church, I as a deacon am called to help send us out into the world to embody God’s love, justice and compassion in the world. To that end - Thursdays have become a day where I am out in the community. Each Thursday I use one of the aspects of my call (word, service, compassion and justice) to guide my ministry. This is my invitation. Below you can see a schedule of where I will be each week. I want you to come with me, to walk with me in our community, and to see the ways God continues to call us to reach out, serve all, and extend God’s table.


October 26th - SERVICE

This Thursday I will be volunteering at Park View for Food for Families. I have signed up to help during the 2nd Distribution shift between 11:30-2:00pm. Food for Families is Park View’s neighbor choice pantry which offers supplemental groceries bi-weekly to food insecure neighbors at no cost. Thursday are their operating days, when people are able to come and shop for food. If you would like to help you will need to sign up with Park View, and I would recommend doing it ASAP, because many other churches and organizations in the city regularly volunteer for these days. 

You can sign up at


November 2nd - Compassion

Tonight is the final night of our Allhallowtide festival: All Soul’s Day. Join me tonight at our Taizé service, as we take a moment away from everything else, and just sit with God and each other.


November 9th - Justice

I am so grateful for MJ, and her incredible advocacy for the Red Cross. There is always a need for blood, and today I invite you to join me in participating in our blood drive. You can sign up by reaching out to MJ at


November 16th – WORD

Join me downtown in the Lynchburg community Market Building from 10:30-12:30, where I will be working on papers for my ordination process. Come and ask what I’m working on, and hear the questions I have to answer as I apply for ordination.

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